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Scandinavian Spaces

When brothers and co-owners Thomas and Robert Jönsson took over the family business from their father in 2011, they hit the ground running – building the foundation of what would eventually become Scandinavian Spaces in 2016. Growing up assembling furniture on the weekends, the brothers developed a profound understanding of great craftsmanship. Native to Sweden, the Jönssons built a strong company culture rooted in Nordic design and have quickly expanded our brand across the Atlantic Ocean.

Today at Scandinavian Spaces, they offer cutting-edge furniture and interior solutions for the modern-day work environment. The brand has stayed true to our core values - COLOUR. DESIGN. LIFE. Dedicated to balancing aesthetics with functionality, at Scandinavian Spaces they strive to deliver innovative and creative designs for the contract market. The carefully curated line of authentic design is provided by a community of industry leaders – Blå Station, Karl Andersson, Lintex, Materia, Nordgröna, Skandiform, Stolab, and Trece.

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