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Camira and Luna Textiles



Camira fabrics bring color, texture, design and personality to the interiors they furnish. Fabrics are the first thing we see, so they set the tone and create the mood.


From farm to fabric and everything in between – Camria spin, dye, warp, weave, knit, finish, cut and sew. So you can be sure of their end-to-end product quality and integrity bringing you unrivalled material options across compositions and price points. Camira fabrics are guaranteed to last, with proven durability and technical performance.


All good reasons why Camira fabrics are used by the world’s most renowned global furniture manufacturers, selected for prestigious interior schemes by design practices, an integral part of the interior fabric of corporate end-users and world famous institutions, and used by the world’s most iconic public transport operators in global metropolises.


Trusted, specified, chosen. Made by Camira.



Founded by Anna Hernandez in 1994, Luna Textiles’ story begins with Anna’s drive to fill a colorful and whimsical gap in the commercial textile industry. Luna’s very first collection launched in 1995 and won a Best of NeoCon Silver award — starting an early, but common theme of producing award winning textile design and proving that Anna’s method for a design-centric business was going to work.

From the beginning, Luna’s designs were inspired by fashion, art, and architecture. Often working in collaboration with other designers and artists, Luna established a name in the industry as a go-to for bold pattern and great color.

Luna offers a complete range of textiles for uses in upholstery, panel, drapery, and wall covering applications. With a concern for the well-being of those who inhabit or interact with their products, Luna selects intentional materials with content that ranges from wool, cotton and rayon to recycled polyester and nylon. If desired, Luna has a range of finishes to accommodate special applications and increase performance.

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